Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Green Living

Wholesome snacks for back to school
The new school year shouldn't stop you from offering your children healthy snacks. Try these easy creations.
Seven tips for a greener back-to-school season
You can ensure your family remains eco-friendly this back-to-school season with some simple tips.
Tips for reducing food and packaging waste in your kitchen
Have you ever thought about how much food ends up being wasted? Expired yogurt cups, slimy salads, moldy leftovers - it all adds up.
Veggies galore? Make the most of your garden goodies
Growing vegetables doesn't end when they're harvested. Use these tips to share and enjoy your produce all winter long.
The best protection for trees? You
Everyone can help protect trees from the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB)
Recycled plastics: Great for outdoor clothing and gear, good for Mother Nature, too
One of the best materials for outdoor clothing and gear is also eco-friendly. Find out about recycled plastics.
Simple updates make homes environmentally friendly
A few easy updates can make your home more beautiful, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
Create a more natural summer with safe, effective household cleaning tips
Give your family a healthier, fresher summer with these tips for natural household cleaning.
Save energy and money by catching these invisible energy thieves
Find out how to save money and energy on the items that cost you even when you aren't using them.
Entertaining outdoors? These tips can lighten your environmental footprint
From lunch on the porch to parties on the patio, warm weather means outdoor entertaining with family and friends. But these get-togethers often create a lot of waste. Is there anything you can do to lighten your environmental footprint?
What a buyer wants: Green improvements that cut utility costs
Going green is good for the environment, but it can also be good for a homeowner's wallet - and that's the aspect of eco-friendly improvements that seems most appealing to homebuyers.
Green start-ups challenged to develop green business plans for chance to win $680,000
The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge challenges the innovators to submit their sustainable business plans. Entrants for the Green Challenge can win $680,000.
With drought across the country, you can do your part to conserve water
Having good water sense in and around your home can help you reduce your water bill and improve your environmental footprint.
Cellphones, batteries, computers: Simple ways to recycle electronics and reduce e-waste
While Americans understand the benefits of recycling bottles, cans and paper, they aren't as savvy when it comes to recycling electronics. Here's how you can recycle popular consumer electronic devices.
Three bad-mouthed building materials you won't believe are really eco-friendly
Homeowners don't have to compromise on quality building materials in order to achieve greener construction and renovation. Some of the most durable and cost-effective materials are also among the greenest.
6 ways to turn (less) water into wine
When it comes to making wine, water is the most crucial element second only to the grapes. Here are some ways vineyards are working to reduce water usage.
Four eco-friendly car tips to get you back on the road
Regular maintenance is not only good for your car, it can be good for the environment as well. Find out how.
Stopping the drain: Innovative technology helps conserve water throughout the house
Technology and innovation are empowering homeowners to conserve more water and energy throughout the home.
Go green with eco-friendly outdoor living spaces
Learn how you can create an amazing outdoor space that is also eco-friendly.
Beat the heat and save some green with these warm weather energy saving ideas
Learn how you can save money and energy this season with a few home improvements.
Stay cool by going green this summer
Around two-thirds of all American homes have an air conditioner unit, amounting to a cost of more than $11 billion annually in usage alone, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Learn how to cut bills and go green.
Greener grilling: Good for you and for Mother Nature, too
Grill greener with earth-friendly fuel options, better ingredients, sustainably sourced seasonings and these grilling tips.
10 reasons to love your lawn
Installing and maintaining a natural turf lawn is a home improvement that pays big, making your home more comfortable, attractive and environmentally sustainable.
Turn your 'victory garden' into a 'vitamin garden' with no-fail, high-nutrition veggies and herbs
Turn your victory garden into a "vitamin garden" and reap all the health benefits of gardening.
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